Not Exactly Feeling It

I’m not in a funk or a fog, just kinda… meh. Ambling along, not really great but not terrible. Not overtly depressed, not anxious, just here.

I found out that my shitty old business partner that got my client to fire my old agency at the 11th hour of completing their project had just recently served time in jail for an egregious DUI. That made me laugh really hard. Fuck that guy. And fuck my coward ex client. He and his new ex con BFF can suck each other into the sunset.

I started talking with a pretty cool lady last night on a dating app. She’s in software too, although much more seriously than I am. Going to meet up with her tomorrow for lunch and see how it goes! If she doesn’t cancel, that is. Have a little bit of a suspicion that’s the case, but not going to let that get me down.