Need to Pivot

I’ve been going back and reviewing these articles as I plan to launch this blog to the world. I’m a bit disgusted at how much I’ve allowed interpersonal relationships to skew this journey that I’m on.

I saw my most recent ex again today. She literally drives me to drink, but there’s still some strange, very strong attraction between us. This ended up coming out all jumbled when I attempted to discuss this with my friendly ex and nearly blew that relationship up.

This relationship has begun to feel like it’s overshadowing my individual growth and my negative emotions and insecurities are coming out significantly stronger. I tend to hate myself by setting expectations or even simple hopes in others. It feels unhealthy to be misanthropic but this does help to tamper expectations.

I will need to return the tables to myself and find a way to release my care of these fucking relationships that I’m beginning to care waaaayyyy too much about.