Cinco De Mayo is on… Friday

Something I really miss from the time I was married was throwing big food parties. I really love cooking for my friends and stuffing booze and food down our gullets and doing whatever drugs we had around. It’s a really great time. I haven’t been able to afford this for a long time. I’m barely able to afford it now, but Cinco De May is on Friday this year and Mexican food is my favorite to make. Feeling better overall, I’m wanting to be more sociable with these people I care about.

Everything went well, some extra and unexpected people came up from bands past and that was great. Me and one of my bands played a couple songs, then after a few drinks and being overly full, I switch to water and weed and I’m asleep around midnight. I managed to get a few messages into the person I went on a date with yesterday and all-in-all had a pretty good day.