Regrets & Recovery

I woke up feeling ok. I had apparently texted a lot of people late last night. Don’t know what I was hoping to accomplish but the embarrassment certainly kicked in as I got a series of messages strolling in throughout the day. So I stayed in bed and just napped the whole afternoon away.

My friend (tired of calling her my “ex”) needed some assistance fixing her bed. So I head over to her place to see what I can do. It was nice just hanging out. Bed was an easy fix, but laying there with her was really great. We have the closeness of being in a relationship, but without any sort of official connection. That’ll probably need to be addressed soon now that I write this out. Damn.

Don’t really have desires to smoke, oddly enough. Quitting has been really easy this time around. Even drinking with it and everything was really easy. So that’s really encouraging.

Work stress has mounted, I’m very concerned about not making my rent by the month’s end. I think I’ll get by, but I’m really fucking sick of getting by. My stress rash is coming back in a few areas and I know it’s directly related to work insecurity.