Today, I am Useless

Goddamn yesterday was intense. Luckily, my funky little Jewish Principal put me into a great mood and saved the shit day. I really don’t like upsetting people that I respect or care about and that sucked some ass pissing off that person yesterday. Between that, the alcohol, and shit food choices, I really expected to be a depressed fuck today. That wasn’t the case though. Apparently I did send a couple shitty messages late, but not as many as I had in the past. Quickly unsent the couple that hadn’t been read and moved on. I didn’t feel awful. That was weird.

So I was a lazy fuck, falling in and out of sleep after waking up. I had horrid heartburn all night and nearly vomited a few times. Alcohol always leads to bad food choices. That’s bullshit.

Financially, I’m finally nearly out of my hard spot, although not completely out. My rent auto-withdrew and I still have my kids through the week, meaning I need to feed them. So I’ll be up late tonight doing some meal planning, writing a grocery list, go grocery shopping, and then wait for my account to be overdrawn all week. Hopefully my rent doesn’t bounce and my bank allows it to go through.

In an odd turn of events, I had two very, very attractive women match with me on dating apps. They turned out to be very kind and intelligent people and we talked until they went to bed. Since I slept all fucking day, I probably won’t be going to bed anytime soon.