Moving Along

Things have been pretty nominal. I’m kinda depressed, kinda happy, just moving forward. Not terrible but wouldn’t mind something exciting or depressing to happen.

Had an unexpected rehearsal today and that was pretty cool. Then there was a show that happened afterward. That was also neat. At the show, there was an awesome shirt that says “God Hates Cops” and I immediately thought of the girl I dated and fucked up by not telling her I was in an open relationship. So with a few drinks inside me, I text her a picture and ask her what her size is. and she surprisingly gets back to me excited. She was kind of happy I reached out. I thought I was teetering on violating a boundary by reaching out, but she mentioned that she really liked me. So maybe we’ll get together in the future sometime? I’m not going to push anything as I did fuck up and should respect her space. We’ll see. Need to meet up to at least get her this shirt.