Same Olde New Day

I started today off my new favorite way. My open-relationship partner came over, we had some food, then just lounged and fell in and out of asleep after her graveyard shift. It puts such a humongous benefit to my day and mental health, and it seems to benefit her quite a bit also. It’s pretty great to have this symbiotic care for one another without the detriment of being beholden to each other. I have no plans to stop contact with her in any way, but knowing that it’s not out of the question makes me crave more contact. Plus she’s awesome in general, makes me feel good, makes me laugh a lot, and teaches me things because she’s really fucking smart. Really, if we did this just a tiny bit more often, I’d be completely sated on all relationship fronts.

Getting back into exercise, I’m feeling like I took a literal step up. The 10-11 minute sessions I’ve been doing actually feel pretty good and invigorating. I’m pretty impressed with how this app has ramped up the strength training and endurance over time. I’m going to start increasing my stretching time tonight as well as I think it’s helping in actually toning myself. Although with all the changes in general, it’s nearly impossible to tell for certain. Hopefully once I get the data metrics going on this site I can begin to see a correlation between feeling, supplements, food, intoxicants, and exercise. Until then It’s a matter of staying the course and focusing intently on the good things in my life.

A big thing I want to improve is my relationship with my kids. They have gotten to be pretty distant and they’re going through one of the most awkward times of their teens. I’m going to have my kids for a bit of an extended period starting today and want to work on repairing that. The weather is supposed to be great this week, so we’ll bond over some mutual hatred of doing some chores as a group.